Research Outline

Consulting Companies - Taglines


To understand the marketing used by large consulting companies (e.g. Accenture, IBM, GE, Microsoft, Deloitte) by identifying if they use any sort of sentence (e.g. tagline) as part of their branding, how the sentence is referred to, and providing images in which this branding is used to inform a campaign for a new player on the market.

Early Findings


  • Accenture developed the tagline "Let there be change", which can be seen on the initial result of a Google search using the term "Accenture".
  • The tagline is part of a brand campaign launched during the last trimester of 2020. The sentence is fully displayed on the website of the company as well.
  • Also, there is a similar sentence on one of the main tabs, titled "Leading through change".
  • There are allusions to change throughout the site, including phrases such as "At the heart of every great change is a great human" as well as the tab "The power of change."

General Electric

  • The company launched its new image and slogan in September 2020. The slogan reads "Building a World that Works". Similar to Accenture, the sentence can be seen on the Google result that leads to the website of the company.
  • The slogan is also displayed on the "About Us" page of the website of the company.


  • While there is no evident tagline on the landing page of Deloitte, the sentence "Making an impact that matters" appears to be a slogan used. This can be seen on its "About" page.
  • Instead of calling it a slogan or tagline, the company calls the sentence their main purpose. This was also the sentence used to remark on the 175th anniversary of the firm.

Summary of Findings

  • We have used this initial hour of research to assess the availability of the information and provide our initial findings. We have found the required information for three of the firms requested (Deloitte, GE, and Accenture).
  • Slogans, taglines, or a sentence with a similar purpose were not found for IBM or Microsoft. There is information available regarding prior slogans/taglines/sentences, which could be provided with further research.
  • We have provided the required images in an additional document. Images would be directly included in any further research performed derived from the next steps outlined below.