Creative Interstitial Ads


To find information of best in class examples of mobile interstitial/full screen ads and campaigns i.e. native mobile ad units that have some aspect of either rich media or user interactivity.

Early Findings

Interstitial Ads

  • Interstitial ads are also referred to as interrupt advertising. This form of advertising is commonly used in mobile games "between breaks of the game flow, i.e. the game over screen."
  • These ads have an advantage over typical ads because they guarantee the user's attention.
  • Examples of tools that can help developers develop interstitial or full screen ads include Google's AdMob and Mobicow.
  • Performance statistics of AdMob include the fact that "81% of Android's top 1000 use AdMob, 97% of AdAge 100 world's largest advertisers buy ads on AdMob, more than 1 million apps use AdMob, and more than 1 million of Google advertisers are on AdMob."
  • An example of a success story in reference to the use of smart banners and full screen interstitial ads is in Freaking Math's ad strategy.
  • Freaking Math's ROI included a 2,400% increase in downloads, a 2,000% increase in revenue, and Freaking Math reaching the top 200 charts in many countries.
  • Freaking Math's ad campaign that featured banner ads and interstitial ads can be seen on this YouTube video. An example of the banner ad can be seen on minute 1:26 while the full screen interstitial ad can be seen on minute 1:48 of the video.
  • The full screen ad features interactivity where users can click on the "install" button to install the advertised game.
  • Screenshots of examples of interstitial ads from mobile games i.e. Adventure Duck, Cookie Jam, Google Express, and Sing! Karaoke by Smule can be seen here.
  • Examples of interstitial/full screen ads were unavailable on Adage, Ads of the World, and AdWeek.

Interstitial Ads Best Practice

  • Best practices when implementing interstitial/full screen ads include "considering whether interstitial ads are the right type of ad for your app, remember to pause the action when displaying an interstitial ad, allowing for adequate loading time, and avoiding flooding users with ads."

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