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Creative Pre-Testing Research Companies


To identify some of the best creative pre-testing research companies.

Early Findings

Creative Pre-Testing Competitors

  • Several articles about creative or copy pre-testing mention Millward Brown and its Link™ program, suggesting it is an industry leader.
  • A Facebook Business study compared results from Ad-Vance by MetrixLab, LinkNow for Digital by Millward Brown, and ASI Connect by IPSOS.
  • Another article refers to Millward Brown's Link™, which launched in 1989, as "the most widely used copy testing solution in the industry." This source also mentions Ipsos ASI’s Next*TV.
  • Several lists of television and online copy testing companies include PTG, System1 Group, and SIS International.
  • An article at Unravel touts the benefits of neuromarketing as an alternative to services such as Millward Brown.


Our initial findings have determined that other terms for creative pre-testing include copy testing, which led to more robust results than the original term after some extensive searching. These strategies led us to determine several top companies, but we did not have time to fully explore the various methods of creative pre-testing.

We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:

Global Integrated Advertising Category — Procurement Market Intelligence Report
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Section 6.1 appears to highlight pre-testing methods ($788.62)

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