Earners from Social Media Ads


Determine how much people claim to be making from influencing a social audience, including people like celebrities who do not characterize themselves as influencers but make money doing so.

Early Findings


  • YouTube accounts with more than 7 million followers typically earn $300,000 per post.
  • There are 1,060 YouTube accounts with 7 million followers or more. Most of these accounts are not famous for being influencers, but for being artists, gamers, comedians and more.
  • The most popular money-making niches on YouTube include gaming, lifehacks, celebrity gossip, news, and spoofs.


  • Facebook accounts with more than 7 million followers can expect an average of $187,500 per post.


  • Instagram accounts with over 7 million followers can expect to earn an average of $150,000 per post.
  • The top six highest-paid celebrities on Instagram as of 2019 were Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and Dwayne Jonson, respectively. Jenner charged approximately $1.266 million per post and Johnson charged $882,000 per post.
  • Each of these celebrities is paid much more for a post than the highest-paid influencer, Eleonora Pons, who makes approximately $144,000 per post.


  • Snapchat accounts with 7 million or more followers earn an average of $150,000 per post.


  • Twitter accounts with 7 million or more followers earn an average of $60,000 per post.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
We provided some preliminary information on ad earnings for famous accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. We recommend proceeding by creating X request, one that will focus on YouTube and Snapchat and a second on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. For each of the platforms identified, we will identify pay rates for people who influence their audience, the number of accounts in each pay rate category, the highest-paid niches besides influencer, and the top 5-8 highest earning accounts.
Alternatively, we could conduct our search based on the primary occupation or reason that a person is famous enough to be influencing their social media audience. Our initial research revealed that singers, movie and TV stars, athletes, and video gamers are occupations that are highly-represented among top earners. So, we could start by creating one request that focused on singers and movie and TV stars, a second on athletes and video gamers, and a third that identifies two more occupations that are highly represented among social media ad earners. For each occupation, we would identify how many accounts are earning money on social media platforms, and how much they expect to earn from ads on social media.