Research Outline

Credible Conspiracy Theories


To find interesting and credible conspiracy theories for personal interest reasons.

Early Findings

Preliminary research show there are many conspiracies with a kernel of truth that make them more credible than others. Five interesting conspiracy theories that could be true follow.


  • There is a conspiracy that the government is trying to control people's minds.
  • While this "may not be true on a large scale, there is evidence that the government" has at least attempted in the past and may still be attempting to control their citizens' minds.
  • There was a top-secret behavior modification program called MK-ULTRA that was run by the CIA between 1953 and the late 1960s.
  • It involved LSD, hypnosis, and shock therapy in an attempt to develop a "truth serum" or psychological weapon that would convince people to do the government's bidding without their knowledge.
  • Operation Midnight Climax was another such program in which the CIA would have prostitutes give LSD to unsuspecting clients who would then be observed from behind two-way mirrors.
  • Although the CIA terminated MK-ULTRA in the late 1960s, the theory exists that this was just the tip of the iceberg and that the government is still trying to control minds, now using genetic engineering and infrared beams.


  • There is a conspiracy that the government is hiding aliens and continuing to look for more.
  • This conspiracy is very possibly true, especially since as recently as 2011, the government has had active programs that were looking for aliens.
  • The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was a five-year initiative that received nearly $22 million in Department of Defense funding to amass "video and audio recordings of potential UFOs."
  • There appears to be one recording of a "Navy aircraft surrounded by a glowing light." In the audio recording, the pilot says, "there’s a whole fleet of them."
  • The official word is that the program was terminated in 2012 after the DoD determined there were other programs that were higher priority.
  • In addition, some people associated with the program said they didn't find anything of substance.
  • However, other sources, such as Luis Elizondo, one-time head of the program, say the program is still operational despite the lack of funding.
  • The department continues to "investigate UFO reports in tandem with their other departmental duties,"


  • This conspiracy theory relies on the idea that one man, an "average actor" could not have produced all the works credited to him.
  • It has existed for more than 100 years and although Shakespeare experts disagree, it is still possible that Shakespeare is actually many people.


  • This conspiracy refutes the common belief that Hitler died by suicide in his underground bunker.
  • The FBI has declassified documents that the dictator actually lived out his life in Argentina and then Brazil.
  • In an effort to hide, he "changed his name to Adolf Leipzig and had a relationship with a black woman whose name was Cutinga."


  • Since the only person who saw Jim Morrison's dead body was his girlfriend, and because supposedly died from heart failure at such a young age, some people believe he actually faked his death.
  • The keyboard player for the Doors, Jim Morrison's band, even wrote in his memoir that "Morrison went to the Seychelles" to live out a peaceful life away from the rock and roll lifestyle.