CRMs for Financial Services- Case Studies


To find financial service companies that have successfully implemented CRM programs to assist a client decision.

Early Findings

  • Salesforce has a database of customer case studies and stories.


  • It enables them to create a personalized experience for their customer.
  • CRMs let a company continually promote relevant, targeted offers to their clients to not only enhance their relationship, but to make available products and services in which a client may truly be interested.
  • Enables a company to offer enhanced mobile and social capabilities that will ensure employees can collaborate on multiple devices and platforms. On the other end, customers can receive communications and interact with your business services through multiple devices in different formats.
  • They let the company gain a holistic view of all key metrics, financial data, client information, client history, analytics and more. This will help lead to more profitable, timely and targeted interactions with clients.
  • CRMs enable a company to automate workflow and increase operational efficiencies.
  • Provides a streamlined, automated onboarding process for customers.



  • iProtect is an innovative and leading trust administration and accounting firm operating in South Africa. Since implementation, productivity within the organization is at a very high standard due to tight processes, enhanced activity levels and staff-performance monitoring. In fact, iProtect has managed to save substantial costs on staffing, as they have doubled employee productivity from when they first launched.


  • Fast Car Finance is a leading UK independent car finance brokerage and a division of Thames Valley Asset Finance (TVAF). While TVAF provides business finance for capital equipment and plant, Fast Car Finance specializes in financing quality prestige and sports cars such as a classic 1980 Ferrari F40 worth £300,000 for private individuals, company directors and owner managers of businesses.
  • Key outcomes : Repeatable business , improved efficiency with fast access to centralized data, streamlined processes for quicker delivery and response , increased productivity via process automation , cost effective solution, scalable as company grows , and refreshingly easy to use, ensuring employee adoption.

Salesforce CRM Implementation at Citibank

  • Aptaria helped the Citibank Wealth Management unit replace a fragmented CRM system with a unified solution that offered an easy-to-access 360 degree view of the customer. This was the largest-ever Salesforce implementation to date.
  • One of 3 divisions in Citi's consumer banking sector, Citibank Wealth Management has hundreds of advisors helping clients manage their investments and personal wealth. Along with much of the financial services industry, this unit has had a tumultuous recent past, including a number of acquisitions and mergers. This resulted in complex web of 4 disconnected customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, leading to some critical challenges:
  • By implementing a tailored CRM, Aptaria helped Citi greatly increase its wealth management advisors' productivity and the customer experience. Specific benefits to the company include: hours and hours saved per week per advisor , increased advisor focus on client investments and growth , robust security for sensitive client financial data , and greater client satisfaction.

Salesforce CRM Migration & Implementation at AgStar

  • With $8 billion in assets, Minnesota-based AgStar is one of the country's largest providers of financial services for agricultural and rural clients. Yet until recently, the company had a cumbersome system for managing its 23,000 customer relationships.
  • AgStar is realizing large operational cost savings from retiring its previous CRM applications. More importantly, with Aptaria's Salesforce CRM in place, the AgStar team now has a central 360 degree view of the customer. An AgStar insurance agent can see, for example, a client's insurance policies, a recent farm loan application, and calls with a lease service agent from last year all on the same screen and from a mobile device. This makes AgStar's agents much more effective at capturing new clients and cross-selling and retaining existing clients.

Wintrust Financial Corporation

  • Wintrust Financial Corporation needed a way to help its 15 banking subsidiaries increase sales efficiency and productivity while enabling personalized customer service.
  • Wintrust Financial Corporation selected EnAct from Fiserv a flexible CRM platform that allows features to be tailored to the different roles within a financial institution. Powered by Microsoft® Dynamics CRM, EnAct combines a world-class CRM solution with the specialized functionality and data that banks and credit unions need to develop and deepen customer relationships.
  • The results were increased productivity of bankers, front line employees and bank management , resolution of sales conflicts through shared, centralized view of customers and prospects , improved lead management and distribution , improved decision-making by local bank management and Wintrust leadership , greater insights into customer behaviors and needs , and improved cross-selling capabilities.

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