To obtain information about CrowdStrike including an overview, revenue/growth, products and services, competitors (by category), how they sell (partners/channels), key initiatives/areas of focus, target customers, geographies,
marketing insights and positioning, to be used in a new client's meeting.

Early Findings


  • CrowdStrike is a public company that was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.
  • The company is considered as "the leader in cloud-delivered next-generation endpoint protection".
  • CrowdStrike specializes in areas such as "Next-Generation Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Detection and Response, Next Generation Anti-Virus, Managed Threat Hunting, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, Malware Prevention, Malware Detection, Machine Learning, Cloud-Delivered Endpoint Protection".
  • The company promises to stop breaches using its CrowdStrike Falcon platform.


  • CrowdStrike has a total revenue of $481.4 million and it was an increase of 93% when compared with 2019's total revenue of $249.8 million.
  • By the end of January 2020, CrowdStrike recorded a 116% year-over-year growth in new subscription customers to give a total of 5,431 subscription customers.



  • CrowdStrike spans countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand (APAC) and Middle East, Turkey & Africa.

Proposed next steps:

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As our initial research briefly touched on an overview of CrowdStrike including its specialties, revenue, growth, customers, and geographies, we recommend continuing our research with the following: 1) provide a company analysis of CrowdStrike to include its target market or audience, products/services offered, how they sell their products/services (i.e. partners/channels), and their key initiatives/areas of focus, 2) provide a detailed overview of CrowdStrike's core businesses to include the categories of products and/or services offered that contribute the most to the company's profits and include details about what those categories entail 3) provide an overview of CrowdStrike's growth in the past five (5) years. We will highlight the business areas/units that are/have been driving its growth and mergers and acquisitions (if any), and 4) provide marketing insights about CrowdStrike by providing details about its marketing efforts and channels used, competitive advantage, value proposition, brand positioning and messaging. We will also provide at least 3 creative examples of its marketing efforts.
We also suggest further research to 1) identify four (4) companies that are competing directly with CrowdStrike. For each competitor, we will provide One: its revenue, Two: its employee count, Three: products/services offered and Four: industries served, 2) provide an overview of CrowdStrike's current and/or future business goals (e.g. what the company has announced, expressed in press releases, creation of new apps); with current being defined as the past 2 years, and 3) provide a SWOT analysis of the global cloud endpoint protection industry.