Internet Quotes


Provide a list of 20-30 quotes from prominent figures that express an appreciation or love for the internet, specifically focused on different reasons why the internet is a benefit and focusing on quotes that are aspirational, touch on connection, people power, activism, and hope for how the internet helps make humanity better. Each quote should have the date, direct quote, person speaking, and source links.

Early Findings

  • Findings have been provided in rows 2-7 of the attached spreadsheet.


  • In our initial research, we were able to find 6 quotes from inspirational people. While quotes are readily available, additional research was required to confirm the quote's authenticity as well as determine the date of the. While we were able to confirm the authenticity of each of the quotes provided, we were unable to identify the date for Mike Fitzpatrick 's quote and Stjepan Hauser's quote.

Proposed next steps:

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