Research Proposal

Perceptions: Family Preservation vs Foster Care


To find information on the current perceptions in regard to family preservation versus foster care. Information to be searched for will include the perceptions and the trends/factors that are affecting these perceptions

Early Findings

  • Family preservation services are "short-term, family-focused services designed to assist families in crisis by improving parenting and family functioning while keeping children safe."
  • In the United States, current policies show that family preservation is a fundamental American value.
  • From research, family preservation is important because the healthy development of children depends on stability in a child's housing, education, health care, access to food, and above all, family.
  • Children must have a strong connection with their parents to ensure they are able to deal with severe adversity. This is because a child's ability to deal with problems is dependant on having "emotional stability and a sense of safety that comes from being with a loving parent or guardian who can shield the child from negative situations."
  • A recent example of the positive perception that Americans have on family preservation was evident when there was public outrage after the country's administration separated migrant parents from their children.
  • It is worth noting that aside from the family separation policy, there are numerous other policies that acknowledge the importance of preserving families, even in the face of extreme challenges.
  • An article by KVC Health Systems points out the importance of family preservation services that prevent foster care.
  • According to the article, families want to remain together and in terms of challenges it is important that communities offer services to strengthen families and ensure the safety of children.
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