US Food Chain: Threats


To understand the current research on threats to the US food supply chain to inform potential investments in technology.

Early Findings


  • The Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) refers to protecting the food chain as food defense.
  • Food defense is defined as the “effort to protect the food supply against international contamination due to sabotage, terrorism, counterfeiting, or other illegal, intentionally harmful means. Potential contaminants include biological, chemical or radio-logical hazards that are generally not found in foods or their production environment.”
  • Cyber networks that control food systems in the country are facing increasing risk.
  • If the food systems are attacked, it will affect national security, economic competitiveness, and societal well-being.
  • Climate change and extreme environmental changes due to global warming, or human interference posing a great threat to the food supply.
  • Besides terrorist attacks on various systems, various countries such as Russia and Iran are equipping themselves with weapons that, threaten the food supply chain.

Proprietary Research Available

  • We found some proprietary research from our data partners which may be helpful:
  • Food supplies: Threats to the supply chain in the food service industry (03/01/2018) Publisher: MarketLine | Price: 495.00 USD
  • This report presents insights into the threats faced by the food supply chain. If you'd like us to purchase this report on your behalf, just let us know!

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