Personalized Wellness Market


To understand the personalized wellness market, including key players, the most popular product categories, emerging trends, and predictions for its future.

Early Findings

Our research indicates that the term "personalized wellness" has numerous definitions. It can refer to nutrition and supplements, healthcare, wellness programs such as diet and exercise plans and anti-stress programs, or even DNA and nutrient blood testing. Corporate wellness plans are becoming more personalized and may fall into this category. Personalized beauty is also an emerging market.

Personalized Wellness Market

  • The personalized nutrition and wellness market is expected to reach $50 billion by 2025, growing a CAGR of 9.1%
  • One trend in the personalized wellness market is subscription services, such as PillPack, which is now owned by Amazon.
  • Artificial intelligence allows consumers to take online nutrition assessments and "get a customized daily pack of vitamins delivered directly to their doorstep."
  • Market drivers include "demand for preventive health measures, rising trend for customization in the food sector, focus on healthier eating, and rising ongoing activities in nutrigenomics."
  • The market has two primary segments in the personalized nutrition and wellness market. Dietary supplements & nutriceuticals are expected to see the most growth, while functional foods are considered quite accessible.
  • Key players in the market include "Habit Food Personalized, LLC; Nima Labs, Inc.; Pfizer, Inc.; and Bayer AG."
  • According to the Global Wellness Summit, advancing technology, such as wearable or ingestibles, along with DNA and other genetic testing, "have coalesced to create a perfect storm for advanced personalized wellness."
  • The Summit also found that 70% of survey respondents said they would choose to buy supplements that were personalized based on their DNA.
  • Personalized DNA diets have been shown to improve weight loss by 33% and increase compliance by 30%.
  • The personalized beauty market includes products such as smart serums and 3D-printable makeup.

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