Account Based Marketing in a Healthcare Setting


We are looking for examples of account based marketing used in B2B contexts (a B2B healthcare example with a loyalty component would be ideal), and account based marketing used to drive loyalty or account based marketing applied to a healthcare context.

building trusted relationships in B2B healthcare settings
Account Based Marketing examples in healthcare
Account based marketing examples in B2B
Account based marketing examples with regards to loyalty programs
any examples of creative, targeted B2B outreach (email campaigns, etc.) that gave teams an edge in relationship building

Early Findings

General notes:
- For healthcare systems, have to target both value analysis committees and healthcare professionals.
- Value analysis committees determine what products can and can't be sold in healthcare systems; have to prove the value of the product to the organization/patient population.
- Determine buyers in the healthcare organization
- Also determine major influencers within the organization - this could be specific specialties. By demonstrating that a product is necessary, the providers can approach administrators for your client instead of having to reach out directly. Physicians especially can impact buying decisions at the hospital, and if a number of physicians are asking for the same product or a high producing physician is a champion of your product, it is easier to get that product into a hospital/healthcare system

- Partner with electronic medical systems companies (there are a variety of small EMS companies that may be more open to this, instead of the large companies like EPIC or Cerner.) Offer payment for creating an API that targets a specific specialty and can market at point of care.
- Provide information for patients or for providers, branded by your company or product. If you are providing correct information for patients or useful information for providers, it is easier to get messaging in the right hands or get attention for a specific product/company.
- Find speciality journals and advertise in those. For example - if your client is marketing orthopedic products put advertisements in the top 3 orthopedic journals.
- Find specialty trade shows

Examples of this being done well:
- Pharma companies attempting to sell into hospitals are using a platform that connects directly into the Electronic Medical Record platforms
- Medical Device Companies: Sales people develop deep relationships with physicians, and have physicians bring products to the administration for approval. This is the closest loyalty based selling example: medical device companies lower prices on specific products in order to "reward" hospital systems for purchasing other products. Can give volume discounts, etc.
- Healthwise - Provides information for patients, and customizable print outs for physicians offices, websites, etc.

Proposed next steps:

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