Customer Feedback Tools


To obtain a list of solutions for collecting customer feedback or conducting a short survey in order to present a client with options.

Early Findings

  • This spreadsheet will present the name, the website link, cost, features, and sources.


  • This system gathers information, analyzes it in real-time, and makes the necessary changes.
  • These are easy to use plug-and-play devices.
  • The layout can be customized to blend in with the client's branding.


  • This system offers kiosks, tablets, and multichannel platforms for the collection of customer feedback. The tablet option allows one to go to the customer.
  • This information from the customer is analyzed in real-time; "Capture-Analyse-Improve."
  • One can choose to use the smiley face surveys or push-button feedback. One can customize this platform to meet their own needs.


  • This product consists of three sections; hardware (Kiosk), software, and reporting.
  • These three work seamlessly with one another for real-time customer satisfaction.
  • This system ensures that the customer is at the center of the services provided.

Proposed next steps:

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