Research Proposal

Customer Insights on Clipboard Usage


To have insights into customer pain points when using physical clip boards (as distinct to computer ones), as well as what features customers want, the importance of brand, and of recycled content.

Early Findings


  • We read through the most recent 20 reviews and customer questions on the following 5 clipboards on Amazon (which vary in terms of simplicity and features), to determine key customer pain points and desired features (ie features that were given importance in reviews):
  • Saunders Blue SlimMate Plastic Storage Clipboard (a colorful clipboard that includes storage)
  • Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box (a more professional looking clipboard that includes paper and pen storage)
  • Nursing Clipboard (a folding, durable clipboard)
  • Slim Plastic Nursing RN Style Coaches Clipboard with Open Foldable Storage.
  • Trade Quest Plastic Clipboard Transparent (various colours, more simple, no storage)

Pain Points

  • Clarity on what will fit (how much paper / folders, and what size)
  • Locks or closing mechanisms for the storage part that break (eg "The plastic hinges on the clear pocket lid on the bottom broke halfway through my first day using it.")
  • Writing surfaces that aren't sturdy and bend down
  • Clips that tend to fall off, clasps that pinch
  • The area for storing the pen is only enough for one pen
  • Noice - creaking noises (eg "it drives me completely crazy during lectures") and "metal ones that, while sturdy, were too heavy and made noise like a cymbal anytime it was touched"
  • That the main compartment opens to easily (and the contents fall out)
  • "Cheap" plastic was something reviewers complained about.
  • Color issues -especially that the color doesn't match the color in the product photo, or that it isn't very nice.
  • Lightweight and stackable
  • Scratches when the product arrives (a number of customers complained about this particularly for the simple plastic clipboard)

Desired Features

  • A section for pens, and/or ability to fit markers, an ipad or phone
  • Nice colours
  • Ability to open from the top or the side
  • Overall sturdiness, and strong clips (sturdiness was mentioned in around half of reviews as something that was important)
  • Clips with the right amount of tension (eg ", being strong enough to hold the paper in place, but not so strong as to be difficult to lift when inserting or removing sheets of paper.")
  • Being able to prop the clipboard up at an angle and then read from it (eg "prop open the lid to use this clip board as a lap desk or to hold copy up at an angle so that it is easy to read when typing on a keyboard."
  • Waterproof
  • Smooth surface (ie ability to write easily on it)
  • Reference stickers on the back (ie for nurses or specific professions and uses)
  • For nurses, it is important that the clipboard fit in their scrub pocket.
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