Research Proposal

Customer Insights on Stapler Usage


Determine customer insights on stapler usage. The information will be used as an input for category strategy.

Early Findings

Customer Insights on Stapler Usage

  • Based on a consumer review site, heavy-duty staplers usually last for several years.
  • Meanwhile, users of regular staplers usually need to buy again after a few years or months.
  • Although it can depend on the quality of the staplers that they purchase, users want their staplers to be able to staple multiple papers with just one push.
  • Consumers also want their stapled documents to look presentable.
  • Other desirable features that users want in a stapler include the following: ergonomic, lightweight, and easy-to-operate.
  • Some of the pain points when using regular staplers include staple wires not coming out when the stapler is pressed, staplers that do not have enough force to pierce the paper, and staple wires getting deformed and stuck.
  • Regular staplers also have low quality parts that can easily come apart.
  • Based on a review site, the highest-rated stapler brands are Swingline EX-25, and Bostitch.
  • The EcoElectronix EX-25 heavy-duty automatic stapler is considered a popular staplers and comes with a lifetime warranty to avoid wasteful replacements.
  • It is also contained in a nature-friendly packaging.
  • Based on another report from a consumer products review site, staplers are also known to have a tacking feature.
  • The tacking action happens when a stapler is opened up and is pressed into a material on a level surface.

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