Solar Panel Customer Journey


Determine the customer journey for purchasing solar panels for both commercial businesses and residential customers. This should include the needs, decisions, questions, types of research and marketing touch points from each stage of the journey.

Early Findings

Residential Solar Panel Customer Journey

  • The phases of the customer journey are awareness, discovery/research, attraction/comparison, interaction/selection, purchase, use/experience, cultivation/loyalty and advocacy/word of mouth.
  • The customer journey generally begins with an internet search either through a computer or mobile phone.
  • Barriers to the purchase of solar include concerns over the cost and uncertainty around the benefits of solar. Customers can be extremely wary about the claims of energy produced or lifetime savings with solar, and need to be reassured of these claims — ideally from a previous customer that is now willing to provide a referral or reference.
  • Motivations for purchase include the potential savings, the desire to use renewable energy, obtaining a return on the investment, adding market value to the home, insulating themselves from rising energy costs in the future, and setting a positive example.
  • Points of friction along the purchase journey included difficulty finding the right installer, obtaining consensus among household members, having a home that was suitable for solar, permitting challenges and obtaining financing.
  • After installation, satisfied customers were those whose savings exceeded their expectations, who have minimal maintenance to the panels, have had no problems with the roof, and who's installation went smoothly.

Proposed next steps:

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