CX Consulting Market


To understand the size and landscape of the customer experience (CX) consulting market, focused on the midwestern US.

Early Findings

  • Our initial research for pre-existing market research on the customer experience consulting market yielded no results. We kept our search broad, first looking for US (or even global) reports on this segment of the consulting industry. However, it appears that customer experience consulting is a fairly niche segment that so far has not elicited enough attention for primary market research.
  • Furthermore, in addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address the specific goals.
  • The total US consulting industry is valued at $68.5 billion.
  • We then turned to gather more qualitative analysis of this segment. We discovered that the major consulting firms - such as Bain, PwC, McKinsey, etc. - offer services which cover CX. They considered among the main players in this field.
  • Under that, traditional customer management services companies are developing their own innovative labs to combine different transformation functions. Others, like business processing companies are acquiring CX and UX firms to expand their offerings.
  • Avtex is a major CX consulting firm in Minnesota.
  • Another Minnesota-based consultancy is Reve.
  • MaritzCX has locations dotted all over the US, but they have a heavy presence in the Midwest with offices in Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, Tennessee, Minnesota, Illinois and Ohio.
  • Slalom Consulting also has locations across the US. Their Midwest offices are in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Missouri.
  • Fathom Consulting, from Minnesota, specializes in B2B healthcare industry and offers customer experience research and design.
  • Transforming Solutions, in Illinois, does CX consulting work for education providers, B2B and non-profits.

Summary of Findings as Relevant to the Goals

  • We were unable to determine or find a way to triangulate the customer experience consulting market in the US (or Midwest). While there are publicly available sources on the consulting industry as a whole, they do not drill down to offer insights or data on this segment. Furthermore, CX consulting can often overlap with other services offered by the same consultancy, making it even more difficult to separate out.
  • We found information on some CX consulting firms either headquartered in or with healthy presence in the Midwest.
  • We did not have time to dig into each's exact revenue, number of employees, services and pricing.

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