Research Proposal

CX Mapping Analysis


To establish a list of customer experience (CX) agencies and consultancies who offer customer journey mapping, and to determine how they position their philosophy and/or approach, and the hows of building their experience maps (which could include future state, near state, touchpoints or behaviors).

Early Findings

Customer Mapping

  • According to Invesprco, “Customer journey maps give businesses a way of getting into their customers’ heads, helping them gain valuable insight and understanding regarding common customer pain points.”
  • The website SalesBenchmark Index offers a simple linked tool to begin the customer mapping journey.
  • "According to a recent Forbes article, 'Consumers are willing to spend up to 16% more on products and services with companies that offer a better experience, and they’re more loyal. In addition, 63% of consumers are willing to share more information about a company that offers a great experience.'"

Successful Implementations of Customer Mapping

  • "A great example of prioritization of the customer journey map down to key areas of focus comes from Starbucks. Using NPS to score each stage of their customer journey, they were able to boil down corporate focus to 5 key areas to drive better customer experience, which in turn led to higher growth. In our engagements, these quick wins have created momentum to drive transformational change."

Companies Offering CX Mapping Tools

Ad Agencies Who Offer CX Mapping

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