Research Outline

Dads in their 40's - Fitness Concerns


To conduct research on dads in their 40s that includes:
1. The most common fitness and weight problems encountered by dads in their 40s.
2. The biggest concerns and most sought solutions for dads in their 40s regarding getting fit and losing weight.
3. The top online fitness platforms and websites for dads in their 40s and the most common phrases used in these platforms.
4. The physical hobbies and interests for dads in their 40s.
5. What is the one thing that dads in their 40s would solve in their life with reference to their fitness and weight loss journey?
This research will help develop the right solutions for problems faced by this market (dads in their 40s).

Early Findings

Fitness for Dads in Their 4os

  • Most Americans start to gain weight in their midlife and put on three to four pounds per year.
  • However, men start to lose muscle in their 40s, meaning that the extra fat that they gain is all muscle.
  • The extra fat leads to a rise in bad cholesterol and a fall in good cholesterol.
  • This means that dads in their 40s actually have a greater need to workout and maintain good fitness levels to avoid conditions such as type II diabetes and hypertension.
  • Time is a problem for dads in their 40s because as they get older and their family grows, their time gets absorbed.
  • With increasing family responsibilities, work schedules, and home maintenance tasks, it can be difficult to maintain a workout or fitness schedule.