Research Outline

Dance Summer Camps


To obtain information on dance summer camp options available, that include hip-hop in their activities, near Philadelphia, PA for a 13 year old girl.

Early Findings

According to our research, there are limited overnight dance camps that include hip hop as one of their dances as we were unable to gather additional camps with that description. However, we were able to gather information on day dance camps that include hip-hop practice as well as overnight camps that include dance and hip hop in their activities.

Day Dance Camps
  • MYS Scholar Academy offers the Dynasty Motivated Cheer and Dance Summer Camp which includes hip-hop as a practice and is located in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Koresh Dance offers a summer intensive program for children aged 13-18 that includes ballet, Koresh, and hip-hop, among others. It is also located in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Movemakers Philly has a hip-hop day summer camp and is located inside Philadelphia, PA.
Overnight Camps with Dance and Hip-Hop Activities