Danone Brand Portfolio: Performance


To understand the best- and least-performing brands in the Danone portfolio.

Early Findings

Proprietary Research Available
Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from Euromonitor International for an additional $572. This research includes a company profile that includes data on performance of some Danone brands, including Actimel and Activia, which appear to be losing sales, based on the clipped data shown on pages 3 and 34. This report appears to focus primarily on the dairy and plant-based (non-dairy) brands.


  • Danone's 2018 annual report shows their top three brands, in terms of percentage of overall sales, are Aptamil, Activia, and Danone; however, it does not break down the brand performance within categories.
  • Danone's essential dairy and plant-based brands make up 53% of its total sales.
  • Danone's 2017 Integrated Annual Report offers some details on top brands in each category (as noted below), but the 2018 version does not go into as much detail.


  • The top three brands in the North American segment are International Delight, Silk, and Horizon, while in the International segment, they are Activia, Danone, and Prostokvashino.
  • Activia has done some content marketing, as well as TV advertising.


  • The top three brands in the Waters business segment are Mizone, Aqua, and Evian.
  • Evian has ditched its iconic babies for a newer appeal to the youth market with its I Wanna campaign.


  • The Specialized Nutrition segment of Danone's business is segmented into its Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition divisions.
  • In 2017, the top brands contributing to the Advanced Medical Nutrition were Neocate and Nutrison, while the top brands in the Early Life Nutrition division were Aptamil and Nutrilon.
  • Aptamil's advertising has taken some criticism for being gender-biased.

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