Research Proposal

Virtual Music Venues


To understand what music venues are doing for virtual performances.

Early Findings

The Music Barn

  • The Music Barn is a small music venue in New Jersey. Covid-19 forced them to cancel their live music events for the spring, so they turned to virtual concerts. The venue is providing the concerts free of charge, and see the venture as a way to stay connected to the community, as opposed to making money.
  • The venue is using Facebook Live to stream a series of live concerts for local artists. To advertise, the Music Barn is using email newsletters, social media and paid advertising.
  • The venue had 900 followers before the pandemic, and have increased their following to over 1,100. The first live streamed concert had over 2,000 viewers. The Music Barn expects to continue to offer virtual events even after the pandemic.

Empty Bottle and Subterranean

  • The Empty Bottle and Subterranean are venues in Chicago that are part of the Chicago Independent Venue League. The venues will be providing live streamed concerts on June 26th, and 27th.
  • The venues have set up a website to promote the event and will be offering small business promotions before and during the event. The concerts will be streamed on the website.
  • The venue operators are asking for donations, with 20% of the proceeds going to them, and the rest will cover the production costs. Viewers can watch the events without making a donation.

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