Research Proposal

Data Labeling AI Tools

Early Findings


To determine a list of ten of the top products and/or tools for (Artificial Intelligence (AI) labeling and training which will be used to make a presentation about companies who do this kind of work.


  • Playment is a fully managed data labeling platform generating training data for computer vision models at scale.
  • CloudFactory is a distributed workforce company for automating business processes.
  • Loftware, Inc. is the global market leader in Enterprise Labeling Solutions with more than 5,000 customers in over 100 countries.
  • Seagull Software is a company that creates and automates labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and more for companies.
  • NiceLabel is a company that provides software which allows businesses to address and solve design and printing needs.


Early findings indicate that there are many companies within the AI labeling and training landscape. It is recommended that the research continue to determine 10 of the top companies within this landscape (eliminating Figure8, Google Image Labeling tool, and Label Box but possibly including the companies found in the early findings). For each of the companies identified, the following parameters can be included: name and website of company, brief description of the company's products and/or services, a link to their Crunchbase data, a list of the published features, and screenshots of the websites. (3 hours, $75)

Please note: If the suggested included parameters need to be adjusted to include something different, please respond accordingly.
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