DevOps Implementation


To build a list of challenges to implementing DevOps at large organizations like Fotune 1000/Global 2000 companies. To find the percentage of Fortune 1000/Global 2000 companies that have successfully transitioned to DevOps.

Early Findings

Challenges of DevOps Implementation

  • Lack of a standard definition for DevOps : Lack of proper understanding can make implementation of DevOps risky. "It gives rise to new problems that could affect the implementation of a stable process throughout the organization."
  • Dearth of Vision : "Lack of vision makes it challenging for project owners to create a clear-cut plan when it comes to deciding an estimate, milestones, and deliverables, to name a few. Analysts often find it risky because there are only a handful of people who have expertise in this domain, compared to the number of tools that are available in the market. This could often give rise to confusion when it comes to proper implementation, ultimately leading to an exponential increase in the risk factor. "
  • Shortage of Tool Knowledge : Implementing DevOps will introduce the principles of continuous testing, continuous deployment, and collaborative reporting to large companies. Most of these companies employees prefer to continue work with legacy tools, getting accustomed to the functionalities of the latest tools is often a difficult job. A shortage of tool knowledge often leads organizations into making faulty choices of tools that would best align with their technical vision.
  • Among Fortune 1000 companies, more than the half cited “cultural inhibitors” as the biggest risk for DevOps implementation. Nearly 40% pointed to fragmented processes. Slightly more than a quarter say lack of executive support are the biggest challenges to DevOps implementation.

Fortune 1000

  • By 2019, about 80% of Fortune 1000 companies will have brought software development and IT operations teams together in their newly implemented DevOps.
  • Fortune 1000 companies that have already implemented DevOps "are seeing increased business efficiency and reduced IT costs."
  • In 2016, over 40% of Fortune 1000 companies have a DevOps practice.
  • Another 40% are actively evaluating DevOps.

Research proposal:

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