UK Debt Collection/Advisory Market


To create an investment memo for OpenWrks by determing the market size of the UK debt collection/debt advisory market.

Early Findings

UK Debt Collection Market Size

  • As of 2019, the UK debt collection market had a size of £2 billion.
  • The UK debt advisory market comprises about 810 businesses and employing about 12,632 people.
  • From 2013 through 2019, the UK debt collection market grew at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.7%.
  • From 2019 through 2020, the UK debt collection market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.8%.

Proprietary Research Available

We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:

Debt Collection Agencies in the UK - Industry Market Research Report (IBISWorld, $600)
If you'd like us to purchase this report on your behalf, just let us know!

Initial Findings Summary

While we have been able to provide the required size of the UK debt collection market, information regarding the future growth of the market appears to be unavailable. Based on this, we would recommend proceeding with the below proposed research paths.

Research proposal:

Only the project owner can select the next research path.
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