New York Presbyterian


To obtain a detailed overview of New York Presbyterian Hospital, including local and national perceptions, the hospital's reputation, what they're known for and any specific "famous" events or incidents tied to the hospital both for the present and the past. As well, to obtain a competitive landscape for the hospital, including what makes it unique/interesting and how it differs from other major hospitals such as Mt. Sinai.

Early Findings

Overview and Background

  • For the purposes of this research, this is the website for New York Presbyterian.
  • The hospital has a robust social media presence, with accounts on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • New York Presbyterian has been ranked as a top-five hospital in the United States, and as a top-ranked children's hospital for 2019.
  • As well, U.S. News rated them as being one of the best hospitals for 2019-2020, and Glassdoor identified them as being one of 2019's "best places to work".
  • The hospital describes itself as being "one of the nation’s most comprehensive, integrated academic health care delivery systems, dedicated to providing the highest quality, most compassionate care and service to patients in the New York metropolitan area, nationally, and throughout the globe".
  • New York Presbyterian works together with Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.
  • New York Presbyterian is a large medical network, with four major divisions: New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York Presbyterian Regional Hospital Network, New York Presbyterian Physician Services, and New York Presbyterian Community and Population Health. Within those divisions, the network encompasses 13 total locations, including both hospitals and medical centers.
  • Throughout each of their locations, New York Presbyterian treats more than two million patients each year, "including close to 15,000 infant deliveries and more than 310,000 emergency department visits".
  • The organization was founded in 1998 in Brooklyn, New York. Today, they have an estimated 26,500 employees throughout each of their locations.

Revenue and Competitors

  • New York Presbyterian has an estimated annual revenue of $6.8 billion.
  • Some of their competitors include Mt. Sinai, St. Joseph's Health, HSS, Northwell Health, Hartford Healthcare, and Crouse Hospital.

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