Research Outline

Online Higher Education in Rwanda


To determine whether are any online high education options in Rwanda by looking at Rwandan higher education and internet access to Rwandan households.

Early Findings

Online University Courses:

  • In March of 2016, the Rwandan government allowed university students to have laptops on loan at Rwf240,000 and a modem for a year to help with the cost of smartphones.
  • In 2013, Kepler and Generation Rwanda created mass open online courses (MOOC) to deliver top education through an online platform.
  • Both the University of Rwanda and the University of Kigali offer e-learning services where students can access slides and uploaded documents.
  • The University of Rwanda does provide distance learning.
  • In 2019, the University of Rwanda opened the Center for Open and Distance e-Learning to train teachers on how to teach in a non-traditional classroom.
  • Many universities offer online applications.
  • Adventist University of Central Africa has an ebook and online access database for textbooks and other types of books.
  • However, many students in Rwanda are using distance learning programs from universities offered outside of Rwanda.
  • According to Oklahoma Christian University that does distance learning in Rwanda, online courses are cheaper when partnered with a foreign university because they don’t have to pay to bring instructors to Rwanda.

Internet Access in Rwanda:

  • According to a Rwandan newsoutlet, 95% of Rwanda is covered by 4G as of 2018. Compared to the reported percentage of households in 2014 of internet access at only 9.3%.
  • The Rwandan government and Korean Telecom partnered to create an infrastructure, foster economic growth, and educational development.
  • A 2016 article stated that Rwanda had the “most affordable internet” in undeveloped countries. However, Rwandans still face factors in paying for internet: cost of smartphones and low income.
  • According to the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority, 665,684 people had smartphones in 2016.