Twitch User Demographics


To understand the demographics of Twitch users and general user statistics, including common services they use other than Twitch.

Early Findings

  • Twitch has 15 million daily active users.
  • About 81% of Twitch users are male and about 55% are between 18-34. The average age of Twitch viewers is 21.
  • Over 21% of Twitch viewers are from America. The remaining 79% are spreadout all over the world. Russia has the second highest number of viewers at almost 7%,followed by Germany at close to 6% and the UK at near 5%.
  • Around 61% of Twitch viewers speak English, 8.77% Russian, 6.73% German, and 5.03% Spanish.
  • On average, Twitch viewers spend 95 minutes per day on the platform.
  • Twitch attracts 72% more viewers than its nearest competitor YouTube Gaming.
  • In terms of gaming video content (GVC) in general, 71% of millennials watch GVC consistently on Twitch and/or YouTube, averaging 6 hours per week. Almost 77% of Gen Z video gamers watch GVC while only 43% of Gen X and up tune in.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research indicates that, while there is some data regarding Twitch user demographics, most published statistics around the platform concern the number of users and popular channels. In addition, very little information is available regarding the media consumption habits of Twitch users specifically. Therefore, we propose further research to explore the media consumption habits of Gaming Video Content (GVC) viewers, as this approach may shed light on the crossover of Twitch users into other media platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and Television.
Alternatively, we could provide further research into the media habits of video game players in general. Since Twitch appeals mainly to gamers, this broader approach may produce more results and insights.