Research Outline

Expert Tips For Selecting A Magento Developer and Solutions Partner


To provide industry expert tips for selecting a Magento developer and solutions partner for an eCommerce site.

Early Findings

Experience In Magento

  • One of the most important things to consider before you outsource venture to a Magento development organization or hire a Magento developer, is to analyze the experience they have in handling complex Magento tasks.
  • Developer's online portfolio can be looked into, to collect some information regarding their capability.
  • Through this method, a complete overview of a particular developer's experience can be assessed and also get a few ideas for future projects.

Development Time

  • Every web development project requires strict time and deadline. Therefore, any developer or organization employed for the project must be concerned about meeting the given timetables and convey the outcomes with time.
  • The Magento developer should be comfortable with all the requests and take into consideration any unexpected things in order to meet the deadlines.
  • It is vital that all courses of events are communicated efficiently with the developer in advance and a realistic timeline is set for the project.

Understand The Business Process

Choosing The Right Kind of Magento Partner

  • A Magento solution partner that includes system integrators, web designers and e-commerce experts are perfect if the current need is for a partner to build and design online store from scratch.
  • A Magento industry partner can help to create the right store to meet the specific business objectives and they are the best choice if you are looking at a lot of customization of the online store.
  • If the current need is to just host the e-commerce store, then a Magento hosted partner can do that on their dedicated or cloud servers.

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