Personal Health Program Benefits


To determine positive mental impacts of having a personal health program for motivation and better long-term results, particularly for Baby Boomers and Gen Z, in order to better understand the positive impact of a clearly laid out personal health program.

Early Findings

Advantages of a Personal Health Program

  • A personal health assessment can help people understand their current health status. This is important as many individuals do not currently know their current health status and can go years without understanding that something needs to be addressed. This can also highlight conditions that may develop in the future, which, if prevented and treated in the present, would save money and aggravation.
  • Personal health assessments also allow people to monitor their health status over time. This allows them to understand what their health has been like over time, so if and when they encounter a major health problem, they can understand what may have led to it. Also, it means they can make sure they are maintaining a healthy way of life before it reaches this point.
  • A personal health assessment lays out the foundation to make important changes. By understanding their current health status, it allows people to realize which changes are necessary to be made to improve health conditions. Having a concrete understanding of their health makes understanding the need for these changes easier. Tracking health status over time will encourage people to make healthy choices as they will be able to see the effects.
  • Understanding health status can permit people to get health coaching. By identifying problems in their health status, people are able to contact professionals who will be able to target these areas directly. Having knowledge of conditions that may develop will also allow them to contact professionals who would help them avoid these.
  • A personal health program allows individuals to break health down into more manageable goals, such as activity, nutrition, sleep and stress. Smaller goals can be met with smaller adjustments to day-to-day habits, but still impact overall health greatly. This also prevents individuals overwhelming themselves with too many things they need to do.
  • Personalized feedback and advice means that advice is easier to follow at a pace each individual is comfortable at.
  • Personal health records allow patients to track their conditions, access medical records and then use this information, making them have more engaged with their health care. Two-thirds of Americans believe that being able to access this information online gives them more control over their health.

Baby Boomers

  • The baby boomer generation is concerned with the rising costs of healthcare, especially as expected expenses may take up most of the savings of retirees. Because of this, healthcare must be kept accessible and affordable for baby boomers. Using technology to its full capacity to increase efficiency is one way this can be done.
  • Baby boomers have come to expect more personalized care and comfort from the healthcare industry.
  • Many baby boomers are starting to have increased medical needs and hence an increased demand on the healthcare industry. Reducing health care costs and increasing their efficiency is important.
  • With higher levels of education and active consumerism, baby boomers are likely to be receptive to patient self-management of chronic diseases. Because of this, more personal health information is required to allow them to do this.

Gen Z

  • 72% of Gen Zers think that managing stress and mental health is their most important concern when it comes to health and wellness. Mindfulness and stress management are important focuses.
  • Gen Z accounted for 38% of gym sign-ups across the world in 2018 and are considered the most active generation. 43% workout at home and 65% use fitness apps, demonstrating that they are taking fitness and health into their own hands.
  • Gen Z are more likely to pay more for healthy options, such as natural or GMO-free foods.
  • A more personalized service is required when communicating to Gen Z, as the generation is better informed and has a heavy reliance on using online resources to get information.
  • Gen Z have grown up to develop a more holistic view of health, understanding the connection between physical, emotional and mental well being. Wellness in all forms is incredibly important to this generation.
  • Gen Zers are motivated to take control and improve all aspects of their health. Managing personal behaviors, such as sleeping, eating well, meditating and working out, is considered the key to leading a healthy lifestyle.

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