Craft Beer Drinkers - Personas


The personas, demographics, and psychographics of craft beer drinkers, as well as, what makes them opt for craft beer, rather than larger brands.

Early Findings


  • A survey by Nielsen Harris showed that the typical craft beer drinker is male, as over 65% of craft beer drinkers in the US are men.
  • Based on the study, 31.5% of these individuals are female, up from 29.1% three years prior, proving that the number of female craft beer drinkers is increasing.
  • In Portland, Oregon, a hub for craft beer, 52.7% of people who drink craft beer are female.


Based on data provided by researchers, there are three personas of craft beer drinkers: The Novice, The Experimenter, and The Connoisseur.

The Novice

  • This individual has either never had craft beer before or has only had it a few times. They tend to be intimidated by highly-specific craft beer terminologies.
  • They have craft beer at bars and pubs and place importance on factors like price and referrals by friends or family, when deciding what craft beer brand to opt for.
  • Drinking, for the "novice, is nothing more than a social vehicle, not an exercise in taste."

The Experimenter

  • This individual has tried craft beer a few times, but they cannot differentiate between craft beer makes and styles.
  • They may ask for recommendations from servers and are swayed by price and specials.
  • They are more likely to try specific breweries for their on premise fix and are always seeking something new and fun.

The Connoisseur

  • This is an expert when it comes to craft beer. They choose craft beer at every chance and are loyal to specific craft beer brands they like.
  • This individual selects breweries for the brewer. They already know what type of craft beer they like and plan trips around individuals breweries.
  • Craft beers are a hobby to connoisseurs, as such, they "look for a like-minded community to engage primarily with the beer, as opposed to using beer as a supplement to watching sports or listening to live music."
  • They will typically spend more of craft beer.

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