Wedding Dress Boutiques


To find the total number of wedding dress stores in the US, broken out by state; to find the total number of fashion boutiques in the US; to find the total number of department stores in the US, broken out by state; and to find the total number of wedding dress purchased and rented online in the US.

Early Findings

  • IBIS World lists 6,521 bridal stores in the US. While bridal stores would sell other things like accessories, veils and so on, the vast majority would sell wedding dresses.
  • Manta, a business listing website has 10,424 listings under bridal shops. However, it is possible some of these have closed or IBIS World used a different statistical model to come up with their count.
  • The state breakdown of bridal shops on Manta is this:
Alabama (129)
Alaska (25)
Arizona (175)
Arkansas (81)
California (1,421)
Colorado (159)
Connecticut (125)
Delaware (38)
District of Columbia (19)
Florida (747)
Georgia (327)
Hawaii (51)
Idaho (48)
Illinois (432)
Indiana (203)
Iowa (125)
Kansas (84)
Kentucky (120)
Louisiana (125)
Maine (33)
Maryland (180)
Massachusetts (251)
Michigan (322)
Minnesota (192)
Mississippi (69)
Missouri (167)
Montana (37)
Nebraska (63)
Nevada (67)
New Hampshire (51)
New Jersey (366)
New Mexico (49)
New York (746)
North Carolina (291)
North Dakota (29)
Ohio (342)
Oklahoma (73)
Oregon (126)
Pennsylvania (435)
Puerto Rico (19)
Rhode Island (48)
South Carolina (147)
South Dakota (36)
Tennessee (184)
Texas (848)
Utah (112)
Vermont (24)
Virgin Islands (1)
Virginia (252)
Washington (186)
West Virginia (38)
Wisconsin (194)
Wyoming (11)
  • Manta also lists 60,935 general fashion boutiques in the US. IBIS World has 74,015.
  • IBIS World also has 7,646 department stores in the US.
  • JC Penney, for example, has 1,100 locations. This Statista chart shows the number of Kohl's stores by region.

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