The goal is to obtain a company profile of in order to prepare for a podcast interview.

Early Findings

  • Do Something was founded in 1993 by Andrew Shue and Michael Sanchez.
  • Do Something is a non-profit that specifically focuses on social change for youth.
  • They have over 5.5 million members in 131 countries.
  • Some of their key causes include voting awareness, helping the homeless, gender-inclusivity, and self-confidence.
  • People on the Do Something advisory board include David Brinker, Steve Buffone, John Faucher, and Icema Gibbs.
  • Some of their top campaigns include Jeans for Teens, where over one million pairs of jeans are provided to homeless teens each year, Get The Filter Out, where they cleaned up over 3.7 million cigarette butts, and Power to the Period, where 585,965 feminine hygiene products were donated to homeless teens.
  • Some key sponsors of the organization include Garnier, jetBlue, 3M, General Mills, TikTok, and the Taco Bell Foundation.
  • Some of the organization's marketing partners include CollegeXpress, Quizlet, SkoolLive, and Unigo.

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