Research Outline

Online Tennis Community


To understand the online tennis community and audience to inform the marketing strategy for a new product.

Early Findings

  • Tennis Forum is a large online community with over 30 million posts and 78,000 members.
  • This website has some side banner ads through Google Ads.
  • Tennis Warehouse is also an active community, with nearly 50,000 members and 12.8 million posts. However, there are no ads currently on the forum's webpages.
  • SimilarWeb shows Tennis Warehouse has 1.11 million total visits from the past 6 months, 6:26 average duration, 5.35 pages per visit and 45.6% bounce rate. Visitors come from the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.
  • Men's Tennis Forums, while seemingly gender-specific, is also a very large community. It has 17 million posts and 63,500 registered members. It uses the same forum platform as Tennis Forum, so it contains some side banner ads.
  • This forum's traffic is mostly from the US, Germany, Australia, UK and Poland.
  • Talk About Tennis Forums uses top and bottom banner ads. It is slightly smaller, with only over 1 million posts and 2,000 members.
  • The r/Tennis subreddit is fairly active, with 363,191 readers (and many unregistered Redditors can also openly browse threads).
  • Reddit offers advertising to companies of all sizes. Advertisers can run their ads on target, specific subreddits. Advertisers can also organically build interest by engaging with the community.
  • SimilarWeb gives the top 5 global tennis websites as: Australian Open website (this is likely due to timing of the just-passed tournament), Essentially Sports, Tennis World USA, the German Tennis Federation and the US Tennis Association.