Research Outline

Development Operations Candidate - Case Interview Questions


To find a good theoretical case interview project to use as an interview question for candidates for a development operations position. Candidates would not implement the project, but write up a detailed document on how they would implement the project architecture.

Early Findings

  • McKinsey, Deloitte, Bain, and BCG use case study interviews for their applicants as part of their recruiting process in order to assess each candidate's analytical thinking skills and knowledge of theoretical frameworks.
  • Categories for case study interviews are numerous and can range from first round case study questions to determine behavioral characteristics and fitness for employment to operations management and consulting, product development, and investment decisions.

Case Study Interview Example Listing Sites

  • IGotAnOffer is a listing service that contains several case studies with problem statements and models used by some of largest research and consulting companies, such as McKinsey, Deloitte, BCG and Bain. Examples of different case studies along with live applications are contained within the site.
  • Consulting101 is another listing service that offers dozens upon dozens of sample case studies in multiple categories, including product development, operations strategy, and supply chain management. A statement and description of the problem is freely available, but the solutions and explanations are available with a paid subscription. However, you can access and solve up to 6 problems for free.
  • The Yale School of Management has also published a list of it's top 40 interview case study models for review. Each individual case study can be accessed via the site and comes with a detailed description of the problem and the disussion questions the candidate must answer.

Example IT/Digital Operations Developer Case Studies

  • Chase Bank to Introduce Digital Mobile Banking Case Study - The case study is dated in 2006, prior to the use of Android and Smartphones, but asks candidates to develop a full-fledged business program along with technology improvements to sell to senior management off of its workable beta.
  • Safe Auto to Introduce a Mobile Solution - The case study focuses on Safe Auto Insurance company developing and implementing a telematics solution to better track driving behaviors to "better price" insurance premiums. The candidate is hired to evaluate solutions and identify the best telematics strategy in order to onboard new customers and stop Safe Auto's decline in market share.

Clarifications Required

  • In order to glean the best information possible to assist the search, what is the description of the development ops position in this instance?
  • Will the candidate be interviewing for product development, software development? Any additional context regarding the position will better help focus the team.