DHS Investments in Border Security Technology (2)


To identify three new or emerging technologies being adopted or tested by the Department of Homeland Security to facilitate the movement of people through airport borders.

Early Findings

Self-Service Airport Security Technology

  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in November 2019 sent out a request for information on a new technology it is hoping to introduce to American airports. According to the report, the department is seeking information on a system that would enable air travelers conduct their own security screening.
  • The technology is expected to work similarly to other self-service stands available to other services. Passengers would run their personal items through an X-ray machine while they themselves pass through a separate body scanner.
  • The technology would then check for weapons and organic threat items hidden on passengers without the same level of transportation security officer engagement normally present in the screening process.
  • The technology when available would be first made available to travelers in the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck program.

Research proposal:

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