Diabetes Monitor Customer Journey


To understand the customer journey for four separate groups in terms of the path they follow when purchasing/prescribing blood glucose meters

Early Findings

Doctor's Journey

  • Doctors in Canada are often so busy that they don't have time to learn about new products. In the pharmaceutical industry, this has led to reps playing the role of both educator and marketer, often by uncovering details about how specific doctors function. This attention to detail allows for more personalized interactions.
  • Millennial doctors are transforming medicine because they are digitally adept, increasingly diverse, entered medicine to "do good," less likely to work alone, and want to form partnerships with patients and other medical professionals to provide the best treatment.

Newly Diagnosed Patient's Journey

Existing Patients Using Competitor's Products Journey

  • Although not specific to diabetes devices, patient loyalty is driven more by patient experience than by marketing. This seems to indicate that providing a better customer experience can result in more patients using a product and remaining loyal to it.
  • In the healthcare field, branding has not been shown to be effective at improving customer loyalty.

Current Accu-Check User's Journey

  • Satisfaction is often not enough to maintain loyalty from patients. NRC Health's 2018 Market Insights research found that convenience factors alone can cause a patient to make a change.

Summary of Available Information in Relation to the Goal

Although there appears to be data on the journey for the various requested customer segments, there did not appear to be much data specific to how that journey relates to blood glucose meters. However, it is likely that the general customer journey information will be relevant to the meters. Additionally, initial research does not indicate that there is likely to be much difference in the journey for customers currently using Accu-Check products as opposed to a competitor's product. Therefore, we propose combining those into one category.

Proposed next steps:

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