Diesel Market in Canada


To gain an understanding of the Canadian diesel fuel market in terms of volume but also in dollar sales by industry type.

Early Findings

  • According to Statistics Canada, net diesel fuel sales in Canada during 2017 were approximately $18.02 billion (CAD).
  • The May 2019 average price of a gallon of diesel fuel in Canada was $0.94 (CAD) and that average rose to $1.19 (CAD) in July.
  • In April 2019, the Canadian government has begun implementation of a federal carbon tax program that will extend the increase in the cost of diesel fuel for all truckers, including those from the United States, doing business in all 10 Canadian provinces.
  • In addition to our public search, a paywalled market report from Markets and Markets, titled "Fuel Additives Market by Type (Deposit Control, Cetane Improvers, Lubricity Improvers, Cold Flow Improvers, Stability Improvers, Octane Improvers, Corrosion Inhibitors), Application (Diesel, Gasoline, Aviation Fuel) Global Forecast to 2023", has been located that provides a comprehensive look at this market as whole with insights like "Diesel is estimated to account for the largest share of the overall fuel additives market, in terms of value, between 2018 and 2023." and "The market for diesel fuel additives has been driven by the developing economies of APAC. North America, and Europe that are now focusing on the use of ULSD, which has higher dosing of additives than normal diesel." If you would like us to purchase this full research for $5650 (or specific sections, like FUEL ADDITIVES MARKET SIZE, BY APPLICATION AND REGION starting at $230) on your behalf, just let us know! We can send it directly to you OR loop it into any subsequent research. The cost will be billed back to your account as normal.

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