Organizational Structure


Determine if the following companies have a centralized organization structure, decentralized organization structure or a hybrid structure: Te Connectivity, Fortive, Roper Technologies, ABB, EATON, Emerson, Honeywell, Ingersoll Rand, Illinois Tool Works Inc, Johnson Controls International, SIGNIFY NV, Lennox International Inc, Pentair, Rockwell Automation, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Early Findings

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Rockwell Automation

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc

  • Stanley Black & Decker, Inc was determined to have a decentralized structure as there are brand presidents who make autonomous decisions about the management of that brand.


For the purpose of this research, we have utilized the following definitions:
  • Centralized Organization Structure: "a hierarchy decision-making structure where all decisions and processes are handled strictly at the top or the executive level...In a centralized organization, even those decisions regarding everyday operations and processes are generally decided upon by upper level executives or the business owner. Policies are put in place to ensure the rest of the company follows the direction of the executives."
  • Decentralized Organization Structure: "a company that is operated on delegation of decision-making powers and flexible processes. In simple terms, executives or business owners assign tasks to management and employees and maintain a very open communication."

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