Digital Asset Protection


To find case studies of banks or institutions that illustrate how they provide digital asset exchange/custody services to clients.

Early Findings

The Future of Digital Asset Protection

The Current Situation

Case Studies

  • MUFG, a Japanese bank based in Tokyo, has launched a biometric authentification system for internet banking, to protect their customers' financial digital assets.
  • Singapore is a good example of biometric adoption, with 61% of financial instiutions having adopted biometric authentification to protect digital assets, and China comes second with 57%.
  • In the U.S., the adoption rate is only 37%.
  • In India, Axis bank has introduced iris authentification in 2018 for some transactions.
  • In Spain, BBVA became the first local bank to introduce iris authentification in its mobile app.
  • TSB is a UK bank example that introduced this technology in 2017 to its clients.
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