Healthcare Professionals Digital Habits


To figure out about the digital habits of healthcare professionals worldwide or specifically in Europe. This would include finding out the best channels to reach them, and how many use digital tools/channels .

Early Findings

Best Channels to Reach a Healthcare Professional

  • A study was conducted in the UK in 2015 about how healthcare professionals use social media.
  • The study found that the usage increase between 2008 and 2015 in UK and Ireland, specifically, for Twitter.
  • However, UK & Ireland healthcare professionals do not stop at Twitter and use a range of social media platforms, such as blogs, Linkedin and Google Plus to connect with their peers.
  • Facebook is less used by them for work.
  • Most US healthcare professionals are passive content consumers on social media with only 1% creating content and publishing original content in blogs, forums and websites.

Number of Healthcare Professionals Using Digital Tools/Channels

  • In the U.S., a study found that 80% of healthcare professionals used social media.
  • These professionals use social media both for personal reasons, but also for research and professional communication.

Trend Suggesting an Increasing Use of Digital Among Healthcare Professionals

  • A 2017 European study found that the use of social media by healthcare professionals was increasing with new ways of patient-doctor interactions developing.
  • The trend is moving from a passive doctor-patient relationship to a more active participation of patients in their care.

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