Digital Marketing Agency Customer Profile


To understand the customer profiles of the digital marketing agency client, including demographics, psychographics, motivations, the biggest pain points or challenges, and where they get their information, as well as a competitive landscape of the digital marketing agency market in the US.

Early Findings


  • Marketing director and CMOs appear to be the primary decision-makers at mid-sized companies when it comes to selecting a digital marketing agency, though lower-level team members such as marketing managers may do much of the legwork in identifying the agencies to consider.
  • In smaller companies, the owner is likely the decision maker in terms of digital marketing, but the budgets are small and the work is often brought in-house.


  • According to a 2018 Association of National Advertisers (ANA) report, CMOs are split almost evenly between women (45%) and men (55%) and largely white (87%).
  • In the financial sector, based on ANA membership, CMOs are primarily white (82 out of 88) and split between women (47/82) and men (41/82), while the technology sector is similar.
  • CMOs are relatively young with an average age of 52, with many from the millennial generation, and have a shorter average tenure (4.1 years) compared to others int he C-suite (5.3 years).
  • CMOs in the financial sector stay slightly longer at 5.1 years.



  • Some top pain points for CMOs or marketing executives include standing out in the overwhelming content consumers encounter, improving the customer experience, creating personalized campaigns and messaging, privacy and security concerns, and choosing the right marketing technology (martech), including artificial intelligence (AI).
  • According to a survey of marketing professionals, the top seven challenges they encounter are low marketing budgets, engaging with their target market, insufficient staffing, lack of support from the C-suite, lack of time, rapidly-changing technology, and combating mistrust of the marketing role.

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