Research Outline

Digital note-taking apps


To determine an approximate, very ballpark, number of users of digital note-taking apps

Early Findings

Our research indicates that a number of digital note-taking app users, even a ballpark one is not readily available. As an alternative, we have provided estimated and approximate numbers of users of most of the apps listed. This list will give you a very general idea of a total number of users.
  • Evernote has 225 million users as of August, 2019.
  • OneNote is included in the Microsoft Office suite. Its most recent version, OneNote 2016 , has been downloaded 1,165,868since it was released in December 2018.
  •  Ulysses does not publish its number of users.
  • Keep has been installed over 500 million times.
  •  Bear has been installed an estimated 100 thousand times.
  •  Atom has been downloaded 12,000 times.
  • Simplenote has been downloaded approximately 15,000 times.
  • Dropbox Paper has been downloads 30,000 times.
  • AppleNotes has been downloaded less than 5,000 times.
  •  Zoho Notebook has over 15 million users.
  •  Quip states they have "30,000 customers and millions of users" worldwide.
  •  Any.Do has more than 20 million users.
  •  Todoist has 5 million users. 
  • Squid has been downloaded approximately 70,000 times.
  • Notion has been downloaded approximately 60,000 times.
  •  Standard Notes has been downloaded less than 5,000 times.
  •  MyScript has been downloaded less than 5,000 times.
  •  Notability has been downloaded approximately 40,000 times.
Other note taking apps include AllMyNotes, Xournal, Outline, CintaNotes, Workflowy and NoteShelf.