Digital parental control software industry in the US


To obtain information on the digital parenting/parental control app/software industry in the US. This research will be used to develop a market strategy for a digital parenting app called Canopy.

Early Findings

Multiple Device Ownership Trend

  • Children typically use multiple devices today to access the internet. They usually make use of several devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and IoT devices that have browsers.
  • This makes it difficult for parents to buy and maintain multiple software programs for all platforms.
  • Also, children occasionally know how configure the devices better than their parents.

Microsoft's Parental Control Software

  • Microsoft enhanced its parental control software with the introduction of per-app and per-game time limits. This follows the launch of the same feature by Apple and Google.
  • The new feature would enable parents to control how much time a child spends on a game or an app.
  • Microsoft's parental control software already enables parents to use the Microsoft Launcher in limiting screen time on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android.
  • The current screen time management trend is to avoid treating all screen time as unhealthy and unproductive. It is rather about limiting access to addictive games and apps that consume children’s productive time and providing fewer limits for educational tools.

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