Digital Platform Construction


To identify companies that specialize in digital product platforms and can construct an online platform to sell portions of a database. This information will be used to determine a company that can assist in prioritizing an SSPS database that will enable consumers to purchase specific subsets of the data through the online database. A list of at least five companies is required, along with examples of their successful engagements and, if available, pricing . The companies identified should be based in the US.

Early Findings


  • Chetu is based in Plantation, Florida. They are a back end technology company that creates software for companies that will enable them to move their operations forward.
  • They have a wide and diverse range of expertise, which includes the development of knowledge base software. Custom software solutions is one of the services offered by Chef.
  • Chetu employs over 1,800 on-demand developers with a wide range of expertise across all aspects of software development.
  • The company describes its expertise as followers, "Our developers possess extensive knowledge for programming high-level languages, machine languages and assembly languages for front-end and back-end apps. We augment software development projects on an as-needed basis for IT teams."
  • IA list of the companies that Chetu has worked with is available here. The companies include Visa, SkyPatrol, Siemens, Brookstone, and IGT. A wide range of successful projects are available in the company portfolio.


  • In our initial hour of research, we have located one potential candidate. Progress has been slow, due to the need for any potential candidate to meet several criteria. There are a considerable number of companies that offer potential solutions with already developed products. A number offer customization, but it is unclear from their websites the degree of the customization.
  • Ongoing research will be time-consuming, but it appears that there is sufficient information available publicly to compile the required list.

Proposed next steps:

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We suggest continuing our research to provide a further four companies that specialize in digital product platforms and can construct an online platform to sell portions of a database. Any company identified will be US based. For each company identified, we will provide an overview of the services they offer, their areas of expertise, any available pricing information, location and contact details, and 1-2 examples of their work to date.
We could in addition provide five companies that have already developed software that would prioritise a database and allow the online sale of data subsets. Any company identified would offer customisation services. For each company identified, we would provide an overview of the software they have developed, information regarding its customisation, any available pricing information, 1-2 product reviews from customers, and their location and contact details.