Research Outline

Digistilisation Impact on Investment in Thailand


To understand how digitalisation is impacting investment in Thailand for the millennial generation.

Early Findings

  • Investment advice is increasingly being delivered in Thailand with e-brochures and online video conferencing solutions, reflecting the increased adoption of digital technology in Thailand.
  • Analysts expect that "robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will have a greater influence on investors' behavior, with future investment poised to center on the use of AI for data analytics and investment decisions."
  • Artificial Intelligence is also being developed in Thailand that is focused on stock selection and that will be capable of outperforming the 5% on offer from the Stock Exchange of Thailand index.
  • According to Tan Choon Hin, the United Overseas Bank (Thai) CEO and President, millenials in Thailand are a digital first generation that appreciate a simple and intuitive interface that is personalized.
  • While industry players in Thailand are increasingly making investment in tech solutions to attract millennials, Thailand is still behind other countries in the region in adoption of digital solution and the millennials are not investing as much as in other countries.
  • Our initial hour of research was unable to uncover data on how digitization is impacting millennials choice of investment solutions and if millennials in Thailand prefer other types of investment outside investment in gold.
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