Digitnet Research


To find all partnerships and M&A activity in the diginet space, as well as a list of all original programming and growth in that pipeline.

Early Findings

  • Bounce was the first diginet to expand into original programming in late 2018.
  • MeTV is generally regarded as the high-rated and distributed diginet. They expanded into original programming in early 2019.
  • Scripps formed a major partnership with a diginet group Katz Broadcasting in late 2017, going from a 5% ownership to sole owner. Katz is the parent to four major diginets, Laff, Bounce, Grit and Escape. Escape has since rebranded as Court TV.
  • CBS also has stakes in several diginets, including Decades, Start TV and DABL.
  • Gray Television and Opry Entertainment Group have a 50/50 partnership in a "country lifestyle" network.
  • Sinclair has four diginets: Stadium, TBD, Comet and Charge!.
  • Nielsen has reported it has 16 diginet subscribers, but it will only name 10 of them: Sinclair’s Stadium and Comet; Scripps’ Bounce, Laff, Grit and Escape; NBC’s COZI; and Weigel’s Heroes & Icons, MeTV and Start TV.
  • The Television Bureau of Advertising has a list of diginets, but it is not comprehensive. It lists: America ONE, AMGTV, Antenna TV, BIZ TV, Bounce TV, Buzzr, Cozi TV, Decades, Escape, GetTV, GRIT, Ion Life, Justice Network, Laff, Live Well Network, Me-TV, MOVIES!, NHK World, PB&J TV, PegasusTV, Qubo, Rev'n, RTX, TeleXitos, TheCoolTV, This TV, Tuff TV and Zuss Country TV.
  • This list from Rabbit Ears may be more complete: RTV, Me TV, Antenna TV, Cozi TV, Heroes & Icons, Decades, Buzzr, Laff, This TV, Movies!, Get TV, Grit, Court TV Mystery, Comet, Charge, Light, The Family Channel, Circle, Heartland, The Country Network, Bounce TV, Soul of the South, Start TV, DABL, Diya, YouToo America, Action Channel, Rev'n, Stadium, Untamed Sports, TUFF TV, Justice Network, Quest, TBD, Biz TV, Court TV, NewsNet and LX.
  • We have started a spreadsheet for all the data found here.

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