Discrete Manufacturing Future Trends


Determine the future trends in discrete manufacturing in terms of the green agenda, servitization, and regional legislation changes. The information will be used to create a research program on discrete manufacturing that can bolster a marketing campaign of an IT service company.

Early Findings


  • Manufacturing companies around the UK are already drafting action steps to prepare for an increase in trading fees for import and export transactions.
  • Manufacturing companies that are already transforming their operations to produce more environmentally-sustainable materials such as paper-based packaging can see a big leap in their results over the years.
  • Another future trend that is being expected due to Brexit will be the shortage of manual laborers due to the exodus of immigrants from the country.
  • GB Innomech is a UK-based automation innovation company that specializes in providing automation solutions for manufacturing companies to prepare them for these upcoming trends.
  • Innomech can help businesses improve their flexibility and their competency to deal with these future trends.
  • Businesses can make their operations more automated to minimize their dependence on manual labor that will be exacerbated by Brexit.
  • Innnomech has recently developed an automated manufacturing system for AFC Energy.
  • The assembly was designed as part of AFC Energy's EU-supported "Power Up consortium."
  • This involves establishing "industrial clean energy generation plants" that are powered by hydrogen-powered alkaline fuel cells.


We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:

"The 2020-2025 World Outlook for Discrete Manufacturing Big Data and Business Analytics"
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