Diversity and Inclusion Business Awards


To compile a list of awards that science and agriculture technology companies can earn for their achievements in diversity and inclusion.

Early Findings

‘Champion of Diversity & Inclusion’ Awards

  • The Asian American Chamber of Commerce of St. Louis hosts ‘Champion of Diversity & Inclusion’ awards each year at the event of its annual connections dinner.
  • In 2018, the science and agricultural technology company Monsanto was recognized as that year’s ‘Champion of Diversity & Inclusion’.
  • The award recognizes an individual or a company that demonstrates thought leadership and influence by developing a more inclusive corporate culture.
  • Monsanto was awarded for demonstrating executive ownership through their inclusion policies and how a good diversity and inclusion strategy drives global business results.
  • The annual connections dinner for 2020, that was supposed to be held on May 6, 2020, has been temporarily postponed.

Diversity Inc’s List of Top 50 Companies for Diversity

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Proposed next steps:

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We recommend continued research to identify 4-6 more awards that science and agriculture technology companies can win for their achievements in the domain of diversity and inclusion. For each award identified, the research would provide a brief overview of why the award is given, how companies should apply for the award, and at least one example of a science and agriculture technology company that has won the award in recent years (within the past 3-5 years).
We also propose research to find out 2-3 latest trends in diversity and inclusion. The research would identify the latest innovations or policy developments that are being used by companies to make their diversity and inclusion strategies more effective. For each trend identified, the research would provide a brief overview of the trend, how it is impacting corporate policies, and provide examples of companies that have successfully capitalized on the trend. Examples of science and agriculture technology companies would be preferred, if available.