DIY Home Security Systems


Determine the triggers that can drive people to want to consider installing home security systems in the US. Identify also the information that people need to know before choosing a home security option. Determine also the trends observed when they shift from professional installation to DIY setups. The information will be used to know more about target customers who might be looking for DIY home security systems.

Early Findings


  • Based on a survey from a safety solutions company, around one in five respondents who experienced burglary incidents put up security cameras after their homes were invaded.
  • For those who have been through at least one home invasion incident, half expressed regret of not installing a home security system.
  • Around 40% of those that have been victimized by home robbery mentioned that they have bought a security system after the incident.
  • Around 60% of respondents who were burglary victims stated that they regret not investing in security cameras.
  • Overall, only 17% of the households in the US already have a security system.
  • For those don't have a home security system yet, around 50% mentioned that they are thinking of getting one soon.
  • The following are the reasons on why some respondents are still undecided whether to get one: 31.8% stated that they don't need these systems; 20.9% mentioned that they have not done any research yet. Around 20.6% stated that the offerings are too expensive.
  • Even if crime rates are decreasing over the years, people are still becoming more mindful of their current security situation.


  • When buying a home security system, consumers do not go for expensive add-ons to the unit.
  • However, 58% of those who are thinking of buying an alarm system stated that outdoor cameras are important.


  • Currently, there is a high demand for DIY home security setups.
  • The DIY home security segment is expected to grab around 34% of the total home security market in 2020.


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